September 07, 2019

Kino Klub Split, Croatia

Kino Klub Split

Kino Klub Split is a film society in Croatia, holding weekly screenings of experimental, underground, alternative and independent cinema from around the world, including features and shorts, contemporary and historical. It is a non-profit organisation founded in 1952. More than six decades of life for an organisation like this seems rare in global film culture.

The head of film programming is Darko Duilo, also a member of Agitate:21C. He has recently invited some fellow group members - David King (Australia), Nikola Gocić (Serbia) and Marie Craven (Australia) - to co-select some sessions, including films by several A:21C film-makers.

The programs coming up in the next couple of weeks...


still from film, Finding Uranus
Ivan Li - Finding Uranus

19:15 SHORT(S) PETTING (powered by Agitate:21C)

Usama Alshaibi - The Flowering (USA; 2017) 04:25
David King - Lost in a Borgesian Labyrinth (Australia; 2018) 07:01
Takatoshi Arai - Color Sex Death/Quantity Amount Quality/Night Mother Scent (Japan; 2017) 25:50
Matt T Helme - Under the Sea (USA; 2018) 03:11
Matt T Helme - Intersect (USA; 2019) 01:35
Matt T Helme - A Dance In The Dark (USA; 2018) 03:25
Ivan Li - Finding Uranus (Canada/Hong Kong; 2019) 06:56
Jeff Zorilla - The Impossible Flowers (Argentina; 2019) 08:21

Program duration: 60:44
Co-selector: David King (Portarlington; Australia)

still from film, Entr’acte
René Clair - Entr’acte


Henri Chomette - Five Minutes of Pure Cinema (1925) 04:40
Walter Ruttmann - Lichtspiel Opus I-IV (1921-1925) 18:02
Viking Eggeling - Symphonie diaganale (1924) 07:29
René Clair - Entr’acte (1924) 20:08
Hans Richter - Vormittagsspuk (1928) 08:45
Hans Richter - Everyday (1929) 16:33

Program Duration: 75:37
Web introduction: Nikola Gocić (Niš; Serbia); see his review of this program


still from film, Alphonso's Jaw
Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian - Alphonso’s Jaw

19:15 SHORT(S) PETTING (powered by Agitate:21C)

Marie Craven - Rodeo Days (Australia; 2019) 03:40
Donna Kuhn - Make America Great Again (USA; 2019) 03:26
Salomé Lamas - Extraction: The Raft Of The Medusa (Portugal/Switzerland/Italy; 2019) 07:28
Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian - Alphonso’s Jaw (Beauty And The Silver Mask) (Scotland; 2019) 07:59
Camelia Mirescu - Nacre Fields (Italy; 2018) 04:15
Camelia Mirescu - Wings from Somewhere (Italy; 2018) 03:08
Camelia Mirescu - Promised Clouds (Italy; 2019) 02:44
Susanne Wiegner - The Light - The Shade (Germany; 2017) 07:07
Laura Huertas Millán - El Laberinto (France/Colombia/USA; 2018) 21:06

Duration: 60:53
Co-selectors: Nikola Gocić (Niš; Serbia) and Marie Craven (Queensland, Australia)

still from film, Phantom Islands
Rouzbeh Rashidi - Phantom Islands


A Pictorial Film By Rouzbeh Rashidi
Produced by Experimental Film Society 2018
Funded By The Arts Council Of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon under the Reel Art scheme

Duration: 86 minutes / Country: Ireland / Language: English
Web introduction: Rouzbeh Rashidi (Dublin; Ireland)

Darko Duilo, Head of Film Programming, Kino Klub Split

Image of Darko Duilo

Born in 1973 in Split. During the late 80s he attended amateur film, photography and IT workshops in the Video and IT Club Varoš in his home town, followed by probing the activities of Kino Klub Split, while at the same time independently working on experimental amateur movies shot using VHS (Panasonic 2000) and Super 8 cameras. He left Split to pursue university studies in Zadar and Zagreb and spent some time in the 90s abroad, all the while remaining a devoted cinephile. He successfully completed his studies in Sociology and Philosophy (postponing the PhD), followed by a stint as a journalist for several daily newspapers (Slobodna Dalnacija, Jutarnji List, Dan), also writing occasional essays in the field of humanities and teaching in high school. With the start of the new century, he joined Kino Klub Split as a permanent member, completing the film school course and attending all basic workshops. Sometimes he worked on film productions, performing various tasks. Member of the editorial board of “Split Film School – 60 Years of Kino Klub Split” and author of the educational publication “Avant-garde Film – 10 years of film screenings 2008-2018”. He is continually curating and managing educational film screenings programme held every Friday. Also involved in preparing and teaching courses at maritime colleges and freelancing as a translator.

Kino Klub Split program 2019-2020

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